In certain situation it is critical for the supervisor to know which stages of the onboarding the crew has passed. How many are cleared to drive a truck or handle hazardous material. Ideally this information is available in real time. Our on-site badging service just does that. We can capture all that information even if we didn’t perform the training, test or check as long as we receive reliable information.

  • Provides Positive Visual Identification for employees, sub-contractors, visitors with use of ID cards, wristbands, etc.
  • Ability to collect documentation within Personnel/ID system to assist with record keeping, tracking certifications, documenting safety training, emergency contacts, and more.
  • Track employees and subs with electronic check in/out with anything from Barcode to Prox cards (RFID)
  • Audit work hours on site with reporting and real time accountability.
  • Capability to account for staff during an emergency and do mobile check/in out at a mustering point.
  • Track on site assets, perform inventory, and assign assets to employees.

This service is highly customizable. It can be a simple one step process with handing the employee a basic “certificate” of what they have passed or at which stage of the testing they are. On the hand it can be a barcode, QR, or magnetic stripe enable ID with picture and other pertinent information.