There are many service providers that provide background check. Too often though these simple internet searches or they rely on databases that are very inaccurate and not up-to-date. This has already resulted in muti-million dollar lawsuits and penalties. We at Drug Test Compliance view background checks the same way we view drug testing. It should not be done to just check off a box. If they are done they should be done the right way.

We recommend to start every background check with a social security trace. They are instantaneous and not very expensive. How else will you know if the candidate has told the truth about where they lived? The next recommendation is to check the court records in individual states and/or counties. That is a little bit more expensive but you’ll get the real information.

Here are some features of our system:

  • Easy on-line access
  • Candidates get to fill out their information and grant on-line permission
  • All steps are traceable
  • A las carte searches
  • Customizable packages

The bottom line, we are not a web based company providing some anonymous searches and services. We and all our service partners are real people caring about their clients. You can express requests and/or concerns directly to one of our client service representative in the United States – not in some far flung country. We know what matters to you – you want reliable information, fast and at a reasonable cost.