Drug and Alcohol Testing

Department of Transportation requires drug and alcohol testing. We are the experts whether it is done through nationwide network of clinics or on-site at our client’s location. You can rely on us also for non-regulated testing. Statistics show that almost 10% of employees abuse drugs and alcohol. Do you want them to work in your business?

On-Site Medical Services

Hospitals are expensive not only because of the cost but also because of the time spent there. Many times if an employee goes for a minor injury to a hospital it needs to be reported. You can avoid this in many cases. Discover with Drug Test Compliance and its service partners what on-site medical and safety training expertise we can bring right to your job site.

On-Site Badging

We can created on the spot badges according to customized criteria. Whatever the test, process, examination, qualification, etc we document it and create a badge or certificate. Supervisor will know in real time how many qualified employees are available at any given time. This service can be as basic or as sophisticated as you demand. Explore the possibilities.

Background Checks

With increasing identity theft, on-line scams and fake certifications it has become quintessential to check the background of employees. The liability could be enormous. But you want the background check done the right way. No on-line service that looks at outdated databases. We take this very seriously and we explain what distinguishes a real background check from a superficial search.




Covid-19 Rapid Testing

We now perform Covid-19 screenings to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19 at the workplace.



Compliance & Training

Rules and regulations apply. If done incorrectly it cause more harm than good. We train employers and supervisors. We also ensure the whole process is managed securely and confidentially. Our MRO service validates all results and ensures that patient confidentiality is guarded while also making sure safety sensitive jobs are not being done by people who can be trusted to do them safely.

Technology / Software

In an ever faster moving world we need to have the right information almost instantaneously. We provide on-line solutions and real time reporting. As drug and alcohol testing is rapidly moving into a paperless environment you need a partner who is at the forefront of this development. Ask us for an on-line demonstration to see the power of technology.

TPA (Third Party Administrator)

Why use precious internal resources to run your drug and alcohol testing and related services program? This is what we do professional every day all year long. Our clients encompass virtually every industry across the United States. Give us an opportunity to listen to your requirements and lets us present you with a customized solution.