Compliance – Training – Medical Review

Drug and alcohol Tests can have a severe impact on a business and employees. Jobs, livelihoods, families are at stake. Therefore the importance to set up a drug testing program that is in full compliance and treats employees fairly cannot be overstated. We at Drug Test Compliance take this very seriously. We don’ simply do the collections for the test. We ensure that all the right policies and procedures are in place. We do the necessary training of our clients and of course also of our staff. Last but not least is the integrity and thoroughness of the medical review. We have a well renowned team that reviews every test and makes the necessary phone calls and before releasing a result.

  • MRO Services and Support (4 physicians plus support staff)
  • MRO: Qualified Translator Service for interviews with non-English speaking donors
  • MRO Expert testimony and telephone litigation support
  • MRO consultation regarding testing program implementation, interpretation, prescription abuse and prescription monitoring
  • Random Selection Program Management
  • Mid-Cycle On-Boarding of Clients (no over testing)
  • Drug Free Workplace Programs
  • Drug Free Workplace Policies
  • Drug Free Workplace Training
  • Supervisor and Employee Training
  • DATIA CPCT Certified Professional Collector Trainer
  • Mock Audits

We do not see ourselves as “Drug Busters”. We want to enable businesses to have a healthy and safe work environment. We ensure that everything is done properly and nobody feels singled out. But of course we do drug and alcohol testing and we’ll capture those that do not play by the rules.