DOT Physicals & CDL Medical Cards

Professional bus or truck drivers need to take a DOT/CDL physical. It is a checkup that is required for commercial vehicle drivers which ensures that they comply with the physical demands of the job. It includes able to bear the health hazards posed by being in a seated position for long periods. A DOT physical is required to obtain a commercial driver’s license.

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Who needs a DOT physical?

If you belong to any of these categories, you need a DOT Physical.

  • Operate a motor vehicle that carries more than 15 people
  • Handle a motor vehicle that has a gross weight of over 10,000 pounds
  • Transporting hazardous materials that require your vehicle to be placarded

What Should You Expect During a DOT Physical Examination?

A DOT physical exam includes assessing your:

Medical History – The driver must submit their extensive medical history stating their past surgeries, medications taken, and existing or previous health conditions.

Vision – Standard vision requirements for DOT physicals are:

  • 20/40 sharp-sightedness in each eye with contact/corrective lenses
  • At least 70″ peripheral in the horizontal meridian, measured in each eye

Hearing – Drivers are required to hear a forced whisper within a distance of five feet or less with or without a hearing aid. An audiometry test can also be conducted to evaluate the driver’s ability to hear sounds at various frequencies.

Vitals – A vitals test involves assessing your blood pressure, pulse, height, weight, and heart rate.

Urinalysis – It determines whether you have diabetes, dehydration, or any problem in your kidney, including an infection.

Physicals – A physical examination is required to assess your:

  • Overall health and take note of any medical conditions
  • Organs, including lungs, throat, ears, skin, mouth, abdomen, musculoskeletal systems, neurological system, etc.

What should I bring to a DOT physical?

You may need to bring a variety of documents and materials to your DOT physical, including a list of any medications you’re taking and your doctors’ names and addresses. You should also bring any eyeglasses, contact lenses, or hearing aids. If you have diabetes, you will need to bring your most recent lab results from your hemoglobin A1C screening and your blood sugar log. If you have any heart issues, you will also need a letter from your cardiologist that outlines your medical history and current medications and clears you for work from a cardiology point of view.

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How Long Does My DOT Certification Last For?

Once you have your DOT certification, it will last for up to 2 years, depending on whether you passed the exam without a Medical Exemption Form or not. Otherwise, a DOT exam may last for a limited time, usually three months to one year.

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